Tattoos and Fairways
if u won a million dollars would you quit your job?

Without a doubt…absolutely. I wouldn’t quit working completely, but that would 100% be my last day at my current job. I would take 5 years off, because if I can’t live off a million dollars for 5 years then I’m a piece of shit…anyway, I would go back to school and get my English and Editing degrees and spend most of my time writing. Basically set my life straight and take steps toward the life I want.

If the girl of your dreams showed up tomorrow and told you she loves you what would you do?

Realistically? Probably stumble backwards in shock and get hit by a bus.

Favorite vacation you've been on? Dream vacation?

Man, I’ve been lucky to go on some pretty great trips. I could pick any one of the Canadian fishing trips with my dad and grandpa, trips to Denver for baseball games with my mom. My favorite trip, though was San Antonio in 2001. I used to go to a golf coach down there a couple times a year. This time my grandpa came with my dad, stepbrother, and I. Iowa was playing in the Alamo Bowl against Texas Tech and we wanted to take my grandpa. He was in his early nineties so most of his time was spent resting at the hotel while we golfed. December 28 I got a lesson in the morning, then my dad and I went out and played a round at La Cantera where they used to play the PGA Texas Open. I made a hole-in-one on the par 3 5th hole. It was pretty cool and extra special that my dad was my witness. The next night we watched Iowa win their Bowl game. It was the last trip I went on with my grandpa and by far the best.

My dream vacation would be 3-4 weeks in Italy. Close 2nd would be New Zealand.

Work is annoying today. I need a distraction.

Hit me with some questions.

I’d like to think that if I woke up tomorrow and was blind that I would still see your face when I close my eyes.

Moleskines and ball points. Sometimes they’re really all you need.

Moleskines and ball points. Sometimes they’re really all you need.

I’ve been staring at the moon a lot lately. It brings me comfort knowing the same moon is watching over her. Washing away her worries, fears, and doubts with the changing of the tides. My only wish is that gravity would pull her closer to me.

"…Every breath she takes is a reminder that love is alive…"

What I learned about myself today:

If you piss me off enough, I’m fucking done with you and there’s no coming back from it.

I just want Ellie Goulding to sing to me for the rest of my life. She’s perfect.